Wednesday, February 23, 2005

the swine

proud flesh

updated discography:
futures pretty taught cdr - limited to 12 copies *sold out*
- packaged in a hand painted cardstock cd sleeve (stolen from Idol Management), featuring a prominent stenciled vagina.

no life til leather pt. II cdr - limited to 5 copies *sold out*
- packaged in solid red spraypainted jewel cases with clear trays, provided to HP graciously by "Ugly Mom".

got the dragon 3" cdr - limited to 8 copies *sold out*
- GTD comes in a hand made sleeve made from 4 8x10 portraits of
a 1981 woman that were found in the cheap bin at Rocket Records.

mp3's can still be found at proud flesh@myspace
murphy isn't in the joggers anymore.