Friday, March 18, 2011

Test Meat

One day in 1994, just prior to the release of Nirvana's "In Utero", our Seattle alt station KNDD played the record in it's entirety in the early evening. I sat my parents down in the living room, and we listened (some of us reluctanty) to it on the crummy Panasonic all-in-one system I think they still have (Note to our kids: someday you'll thank us for that Earth-wrecker in the living room). Following one particularly noisy song, my dad said "That was silly - that song could've been about anything. They might as well have called it 'Milk Bottles'". The song ended, and Marco Collins back announced "You just heard 'Milk It'.." and I looked over at Duane, who grinning smugly and gently giggling.

He got his a few years later when he said "Kurt Mobain" within earshot of my mom, who still teases him to this day.