Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thank you Alien Jesus

Sold on eBay for $250. Holy shit. Hooray for Hand Panther!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New releases - August 07

Summer soundz from Nick and Ashley circa 2005, soft ugly tunnel runners and squealers on the run, this is light industrial music for swinging lawyers or inverted christian folk music for people who only collect broken stuff. Actually pretty.
Limited to 8 copies.

HP020 MECHTA "Dormant Powers: Soft World II Deluxe Edition" cdr $8.00
When it first came out in 2005 on 3" cdr, Soft World II quickly became a favorite among Tacoma's robo-tripping Black Metal community, who statedthat while it fucked up your head and caused vivid auditory hallucinations, it also sounded great on 24 coricidin. The original pressing of 12 disappearedalmost immediately, so here it is 2 years later, remastered and reimagined as a full length album. The tectonic rumble and scrape of the title track is joined by the dreamlike, disintegrating half-memories and high beam burning drone waves of 2 new tracks, recorded during the same session.
Limited to 20 copies

HP019 WORM FOOD "High Tide II" cdr $8.00
Originally known as High Tide I until he took his master tapes, nearly melted and sunk them to the bottom of the East river in a box with 2 rats and a sponge soaked in blood and malt liquor. Upon pulling thebox up and wiping the shit off, he immediately mixed them down on HIGHand now we present it to you. Ultimate love tones on fire and your radiofalling in the bathtub. Sweet and sick and over and over again. Limited to 20 copies.

HP016 NOVEMTHREE/MECHTA "A Woodland Fable b/w Elegy Twenty Four" c30 $6.00
Pythagumus crafts a gentle tale of rising darkness in 6 parts, an anthropomorphic vision of sweetness and fear and absolute wonder. This is one of the best sides I've had the pleasure of foisting onto anyone who will listen. Don't you usually pay more for a treasure like this? Side 2 is Mechtas elegy to Cliff Burton, his favorite musician of all time. Electronic drones and acoustic cat-improv based around the opening note from "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)".
Limited to 50 copies