Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hardcore landlord

Russ Dahler is/was in/is the band Vamanos. He used to run a small club called "Silent Studios" which was a neat space, except for the fact that his band Vamanos played every single show. They were kind of a Sonics/JSBX ripoff without any tangible personality or interesting songs. If you listen to Mechta's "Let's Get Gay", which was recorded at Silent Studios, you can hear Russ say "These guys suuuuck" into one of the recording mics about two minutes in. I'm pretty sure he was joking but I will use that to justify this post anyway. He ran some kind of club/venue/opium den in a retail space next to Guitar Maniacs that apparently was called the Stereo Lounge. Apparently he really pissed off his landlords, the owners of Sanford & Son, because one day all the window coverings were gone and it their place was the sign you see above you. Along the sign were assorted accoutrements allegedly found in the space, like this raunchy bondage thong.

and this issue of "Drummer" magazine, which has since confirmed my suspicion that drummers are totally gay.

and this can of Tinactin. Apparently butchering "Boss Hoss" gets your feet sweaty and covered in Bacteria (wife ed. note: it's fungus).

and all these other gay bondage wank mags on a green desk.

I have no idea what he did to warrant this public of a reputation rape, but jesus. They've started cleaning it out, so the mountain of liquor bottles and cat shit is slowly making its way out, and soon this monument to how exactly small this town is will be gone forever.