Sunday, December 07, 2008

Nashano Amfum

Around 2001 I thought it would be funny to make an entire record by a fake free-improv band, where I would play all the instruments and make up names and try to pass it off as some guys playing together in the same room. I went in the basement and recorded one track at a time from zero to about 8 minutes, rewinding and not listening to what I did previously everytime I moved to the next track. With a little digital editing at the beginning what came out was "Sepukku Control", by the band Nashano Amfum.

After one song the joke got old and the idea got boring and I wound up using the song on a Mechta album. I didn't think about doing it again until, while unemployed a couple years ago, I found myself with a little digital video camera and a bunch of time. Nashano Amfum was reborn in the basement as an improv duo:
Nashano Amfum "Million Dollar Mike Is Gay"

Nashano Amfum "Tyne Daly"

There was a third video, entitled "Negative Culo" that appears to be gone.