Thursday, August 14, 2008

Teenage Zit Rock Angst!!

Back in 1995 Narwuar Records issued "Teenage Zit Rock Angst", a compilation of North America (and some of Japan's) finest punk, pop and punk pop. Andy got me into it back when I started guesting on his show on KGHP - he had "Outta My Mind" by the New Bomb Turks on cart. We played the shit out of that cart, and being out of print, once I left the station I never saw the record ever again. Through the years I've kept my eyes open for it and never found it until about 2 years ago when I finally tracked down a copy on GEMM.

Apparently one night while playing in the basement Mike and I were talking about it and he mentioned he had it. I guess he thought I was still looking for it cuz at Bella's birthday he showed up with a copy for me! While sweet, I couldn't take it with a sound mind, but did take the time to pose for this photo to commemorate the occasion - DOUBLE COPIES IN ONE HOUSE AT ONE TIME!

We also listened to it, and it was rad.