Sunday, December 07, 2008

Nashano Amfum

Around 2001 I thought it would be funny to make an entire record by a fake free-improv band, where I would play all the instruments and make up names and try to pass it off as some guys playing together in the same room. I went in the basement and recorded one track at a time from zero to about 8 minutes, rewinding and not listening to what I did previously everytime I moved to the next track. With a little digital editing at the beginning what came out was "Sepukku Control", by the band Nashano Amfum.

After one song the joke got old and the idea got boring and I wound up using the song on a Mechta album. I didn't think about doing it again until, while unemployed a couple years ago, I found myself with a little digital video camera and a bunch of time. Nashano Amfum was reborn in the basement as an improv duo:
Nashano Amfum "Million Dollar Mike Is Gay"

Nashano Amfum "Tyne Daly"

There was a third video, entitled "Negative Culo" that appears to be gone.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Teenage Zit Rock Angst!!

Back in 1995 Narwuar Records issued "Teenage Zit Rock Angst", a compilation of North America (and some of Japan's) finest punk, pop and punk pop. Andy got me into it back when I started guesting on his show on KGHP - he had "Outta My Mind" by the New Bomb Turks on cart. We played the shit out of that cart, and being out of print, once I left the station I never saw the record ever again. Through the years I've kept my eyes open for it and never found it until about 2 years ago when I finally tracked down a copy on GEMM.

Apparently one night while playing in the basement Mike and I were talking about it and he mentioned he had it. I guess he thought I was still looking for it cuz at Bella's birthday he showed up with a copy for me! While sweet, I couldn't take it with a sound mind, but did take the time to pose for this photo to commemorate the occasion - DOUBLE COPIES IN ONE HOUSE AT ONE TIME!

We also listened to it, and it was rad.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hardcore landlord

Russ Dahler is/was in/is the band Vamanos. He used to run a small club called "Silent Studios" which was a neat space, except for the fact that his band Vamanos played every single show. They were kind of a Sonics/JSBX ripoff without any tangible personality or interesting songs. If you listen to Mechta's "Let's Get Gay", which was recorded at Silent Studios, you can hear Russ say "These guys suuuuck" into one of the recording mics about two minutes in. I'm pretty sure he was joking but I will use that to justify this post anyway. He ran some kind of club/venue/opium den in a retail space next to Guitar Maniacs that apparently was called the Stereo Lounge. Apparently he really pissed off his landlords, the owners of Sanford & Son, because one day all the window coverings were gone and it their place was the sign you see above you. Along the sign were assorted accoutrements allegedly found in the space, like this raunchy bondage thong.

and this issue of "Drummer" magazine, which has since confirmed my suspicion that drummers are totally gay.

and this can of Tinactin. Apparently butchering "Boss Hoss" gets your feet sweaty and covered in Bacteria (wife ed. note: it's fungus).

and all these other gay bondage wank mags on a green desk.

I have no idea what he did to warrant this public of a reputation rape, but jesus. They've started cleaning it out, so the mountain of liquor bottles and cat shit is slowly making its way out, and soon this monument to how exactly small this town is will be gone forever.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

mcchord air expo 2008

james knows a lot about aircraft. he was my guide through the expo. he is moved to tears during the demonstration of the awesome power of the f-15. he also wants to touch the f-22 in its private places.

this is the f-22. we weren't allowed to go anywhere near it because there was a soldier with a large assault rifle sitting in a folding chair with a look on her face that said "step across this rope and i will shoot your ass". it is the future of air combat and is gorgeous.

this is inside the ass of the c-5 galaxy, my favorite airplane in the whole world. it's really, really fucking big.

this is a totally art fag picture of the c-5's tail.

the c-5 is a giant air-shark that devours interested spectators.
more pictures when jamey sends them to me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

and so it begins....

Thanks to Jeremy I am the proud owner of a Recordex Model CS-2500 stereo cassette duplicator. It's been spending the last couple decades in the back of a Gig Harbor church closet and they, figuring no one could possible want one, gave it away.

To me.

For free.

You should see it up close - it's beautiful and in the most pristine condition.

Oh yeah, and it makes 5 copies at a time.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008