Saturday, July 19, 2008

mcchord air expo 2008

james knows a lot about aircraft. he was my guide through the expo. he is moved to tears during the demonstration of the awesome power of the f-15. he also wants to touch the f-22 in its private places.

this is the f-22. we weren't allowed to go anywhere near it because there was a soldier with a large assault rifle sitting in a folding chair with a look on her face that said "step across this rope and i will shoot your ass". it is the future of air combat and is gorgeous.

this is inside the ass of the c-5 galaxy, my favorite airplane in the whole world. it's really, really fucking big.

this is a totally art fag picture of the c-5's tail.

the c-5 is a giant air-shark that devours interested spectators.
more pictures when jamey sends them to me.